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Points to think about when choosing your school ball theme

What ball theme to choose is one of the most important decisions you make as a ball committee.  So I've put together some points to consider when choosing your ball theme.  Give me a call to discuss any ball theme ideas you have - however crazy or out there - about any of the points below.

Choosing a venue

  • Choose a venue which best suits your theme and number of people eg Masquerade and Phantom of the Opera would be great at The Performing Arts Centre, Las Vegas , Casino Royale could be at the Sky City Casino (or a western saloon as you can see here) in Hamilton and the Race Course here is generic & can be adapted to most themes

Make a grand entrance

  • Start with the entrance and make it exciting to give a grand first impression to your Ball -  e.g. the entrance could have two large oil burning flares, two giant Oscars, a grand Archway [all of which I have lots of options to choose from - e.g. the Roman archway shown).
Roman Empire entrance arches in Foyer.jpg

 Position your props for maximum effect

  • Place your props in strategic areas so they are in your face and will ‘wow’ the guests on entering [use uplighting & don’t hide things around the corner] or the money you have invested is not used to its best advantage.
  • Atmospheric room lighting will set the scene and is a necessity - if your budget is tight go for atmospheric lighting first [turn light on Oscar]
  • Overhead props and tall props are great as they are not blocked when the guests arrive.  Eg Chandeliers, tall Roman columns, tall table centerpieces, archways
Mesh Palms.jpg

What are you waiting for, call me on 0274 789 459 to talk about theme ideas for your ball.




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